Why tablecloths are back

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Why tablecloths are back

Tablecloths have made a comeback and they are not just for mealtimes, but a great way to lift a room throughout the day.

Long gone are the days when the only options were starched linen for best; oil cloths practicality or a rather dull selection of patterns you would  be reluctant to buy a dog bed in, let alone put on your table.

Rather like cushions, they have also become an interiors accessory that can be changed to suit the season.  Good value and easy to store, a table cloth can set the mood for a casual lunch instantly or make an al fresco lunch a bit more of an occasion.

Top tips for tablecloth living:

  • A patterned cloth will be more forgiving to the odd stain it might pick up along the way.
  • Don’t be afraid of colour in an otherwise neutral scheme, especially if not a solid block of colour.
  • A table top protector cut to the size of your table under the cloth not only will protect the table underneath from spills and heat damage, but also the soft padding adds a luxurious touch.  Try Simply Tablecloths.
  • A machine washable cloth is vital (seems obvious but it is not always the case!).

Paisley hand block printed tablecloths pictured, £55 for a 6-8 seater, with matching napkins £24 for 4 from Block & Dye.


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