Feathered friends

Rosanna Lonsdale

Feathered friends

In her London studio, Rosanna Lonsdale designs and hand makes a range of decoupage lamp bases.

Created as a piece of art to stand out from the bland, factory churned-out lamps, each lamp is handmade through a meticulous process of painting and decorating glass vases from the inside, using the 18th Century technique, Decalcomania.

The quality of the craftsmanship and flexibility in production is what sets Rosanna Lonsdale apart. Each lamp has many layers built up inside the glass, to achieve the finest paint finish. You’ll only see good quality brass frames and silk gold wires (so of course no plastic wires).  Designs include elephants, lobsters, ferns, pineapples and zebras.

The lampshades are all hand-stitched and pleated in England, made using taffeta silk.

Lampshades from £395 from Rosanna Lonsdale.

Rosanna Lonsdale lamp bases

Rosanna Lonsdale Lampshades

Rosanna Lonsdale Lampshades

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