I love pattern and colour and the way it can transform a house into a home.  It can be bold or discreet; used in plentiful supply or only a dash; the beauty is it can be used in so many ways and no two looks need to be the same.

I am aware that sometimes the best patterned fabrics or wallpapers need a plain to support them.  Over the years I have sourced and tried many different plain linen fabrics, looking for the right balance of weight, texture, colour and price.  For me linen has always been the plain of choice as it is perfect for almost everything from curtains, blinds, sofas and cushions to headboards and laundry bags. I love linen’s texture, the way it hangs and ages and its unique depth of colour, together with its unique mix of strength and softness. Curtains and covers I had made 20 years ago have followed us from house to house and continue to look better with age.

I have now put together a capsule collection of 100% Belgian plain linen fabrics in the five colours I’ve used the most.  Woven to create a relaxed and used look, yet robust in texture, they are ideal for everything from curtains and blinds to upholstery, headboards and cushions.  The colours are designed to not only sit comfortably with each other, but also to act as a back drop for so many of the beautiful patterned fabrics and wallpapers featured on this site.

Linen is eco friendly, 100% natural, made from flax and one of the worlds oldest textiles as well as being one of the strongest and most durable natural fibres.  The ancient Egyptians used linen for mummification and the US uses it blended with cotton in its dollar bills.  It has a natural slub variation in the fibre which gives it a timeless, natural and textured look.

Belgium has for years been famed for its linen.  Their unique climate and expertise built up over the centuries, produces a linen that can be relied on for its consistently superior quality.  Their flax production is inherently ecological as it requires no irrigation and very little chemical treatment. Every part of the plant has value, eliminating any waste. Flax is biodegradable and is now commonly recycled. No other fiber can offer this unique blend of a truly natural product, with elegance and amazing comfort.