Feathered friends

Barneby Gates Pheasant pink on cream fabric


Large vibrant pink pheasants printed on a heavyweight linen/cotton mix, this fabric from Barneby Gates is fun and definitely not babyish. Pheasants, £63/m from patternspy.com.

Farrow & Ball Slipper Satin


A chalky off-white paint, Slipper Satin is £45 per 2.5l emulsion from farrow-ball.com.

Romo Rumba Petunia


Great for children’s rooms, this washable plain weave is both dark enough to hide dirty finger marks but definitely not boring.  Rumba in Petunia is £42/m from romo.com.

Korla Lluvia Barragan Pink


An unstructured free flow of dashes, Lluvia in Barragan Pink is £59/m from korlahome.com.

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