Shibori geometrics

Vanessa Arbuthnott Origami Turquoise Saffron


From Vanessa Arbuthnott’s Artisan collection,  a range of simple geometric printed fabrics inspired by the 8th century Japanese art of Shibori.  The designs were created by folding, shaping and compressing fabrics by hand and then immersing them in a traditional indigo vat.  Origami in Turquoise and Saffron, £52m from

Little Greene Slaked Lime mid


Slaked Lime Mid from Little Greene Paint Company, £47 2.5l from

Vanessa Arbuthnott Turquoise plain


An organic cotton/linen mix, woven in a heavier weight to make it suitable for upholstery, blinds and cushions.  Turquoise plain, £48m from

Vanessa Arbuthnott Simple Ticking Detail Teal


A hand printed simple ticking that is purposely non uniform.  Simple Ticking Detail in Teal, £49.50m from

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