Pure sunshine

Molly Mahon fabrics

Pure sunshine

Molly Mahon fabrics and wallpaper exude pattern and cheer  and her Marigold linen is no exception.   Hand block printed to Molly’s design by skilled artisans in Jaipur, India onto oyster linen, it will bring sunshine into any home throughout the year.   Molly fell in love with the marigold flower over her many trips to India working with local craftsman with whom she collaborates on some of her block print textiles.

The art of block printing dates back centuries and with the rise of industrial printing processes it has become a dying art.  Hand carved wooden blocks are dipped in dye before being repeatedly stamped on the fabric to build up the design.

Block printing is a skilled and time-consuming process that is mesmerising to watch.  The printer lowers the block into the dye tray, allowing just enough dye to cover, too much may cause drips or smudges.  The block is placed on the fabric with one hand and a quick firm pound from the other hand stamps the colour onto the material.  Repeated and careful applications then build up the full design.

For a selection of Molly Mahon fabrics and wallpapers click HERE.

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