Meet Charlotte Gaisford

Charlotte Gaisford China Bird

Meet Charlotte Gaisford

It’s not often that some-one creates a range of fabrics and wallpapers that bring something fresh and distinctive to the world of interior design.  A designer who has succeeded in doing just that is Northumberland-based Charlotte Gaisford.  Her fast-evolving collection not only has a look rooted in tradition, but also has a wonderfully whimsical look that is all her own. Charlotte really understands how to make collections of patterns and colours that work together in a very coherent way and which make them ideal for creating a pulled together scheme.

China Bird collection, with its intriguing names:  Happy Star, Where’s Cocky, Lucky Fortune, Eggs and Bacon and my favourite, Dancing Daphne, can all be combined to create an array of different looks.

Fabric prices £56-62 per metre from

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