Meet Caroline Inchyra

Caroline Inchyra

Meet Caroline Inchyra

Described by Country Life magazine as the “go to designer for timelessly pretty country house fabrics”, Inchyra Designs was set up by Caroline Inchyra to create a range of range of timeless fabrics designed to bring a relaxed but luxurious approach to almost any interior space.

Based in the foothills of the Scottish Highlands, Caroline works only with pure natural linen and wool, using a subtle colour palette that sits so perfectly in an English country house, from deep reds, soft pinks, greens and mustard yellows, to aged blues and greys. The finish of these linens is stunning thanks to the development of the highly specialist ageing processes, resulting in a range of fabrics that look and feel old, but give the strength and durability of new fabrics.

Having always loved old fabrics, Caroline set out to produce a new linen that  recreated the look and feel of something that had aged gracefully.  “There’s something very special about the way old fabrics, particularly linens, look and feel. It’s one of the reasons antique fabrics can cost so much. New fabrics just never have that softness – prints tend to sit on the top of the cloth until use and wear pushes them into the weave over time. I was just fascinated to see if it was possible to get near to it with a new print because there is something incredibly special about the lived in feeling that antique fabrics bring to an interior”, she says.

To see a selection of Caroline’s fabrics for Inchyra Designs, click HERE

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