Block & Dye accessories

Block & Dye accessories

Bark napkins by Block & Dye

Bark tablecloth by Block & Dye

Green Pukka Paisley Cushion by Block & Dye

Green square Pukka Paisley cushion by Block & Dye

Grey Pukka Paisley Cushion by Block & Dye

Pink napkins by Block & Dye

Pink Pukka Paisley Cushion by Block & Dye

Pink tablecloth by Block & Dye

Slate napkins by Block & Dye

Slate tablecloth by Block & Dye

Block & Dye

The art of block printing dates back centuries and with the rise of industrial printing processes it has become a dying art.  Hand carved wooden blocks are dipped in dye before being repeatedly stamped on the fabric to build up the design.

The joy of each piece is in its individuality.  The skill exhibited by the printers is a wonder to watch and small irregularities part of the charm which leads to such a unique overall effect.

Block printing is a skilled and time-consuming process that is mesmerising to watch.  The printer lowers the block into the dye tray, allowing just enough dye to cover, too much may cause drips or smudges.  The block is placed on the fabric with one hand and a quick firm pound from the other hand stamps the colour onto the material.  Repeated and careful applications then build up the full design.

This beautiful artisanal look sits beautifully with so many decorating looks.

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