Best roman blind fabric

Zoe Glencross Slade Stripe Rock Grey best roman blind fabrics

Best roman blind fabric

Roman blinds have a neat, tailored look that works well with a plain fabric, simple repeating two colour pattern, stripe or geometric in muted colours.  The best roman blind fabrics are ones that will also look just as good folded up, something that all of these will due to the size of the pattern repeat.  A blind with a smaller drop will generally need a smaller pattern and vice versa.  It is also important to ensure that the pattern is centred from left to right of the blind, but also within each fold.

For a discreet look, pick out the neutral background colour for the paint colour of surrounding walls.  For different types of blinds, read my blog post Complete Guide to Blinds

Here are a few of my favourites that are all ideally suited to the job.  They are all printed on a medium weight Linen or Linen Union fabric which will help them hang well but not be too bulky.

Remember that roman blinds use less fabric than curtains and the cost of make up is generally less.

Perfect Plain in Sky, £38m from

Slade Stripe in Rock Grey, £55m from

Molly Mahon Coffee Bean, £95m from

Barneby Gates Chevron, £63m from

Inchyra Couronne, £120m from

Barneby Gates Honey Bees, £63m from

Barneby Gates Pheasants, £63m from

Molly Mahon Lani, £95m from

Molly Mahon Forest, £95m from

Portia in Celadon, £59m from

Grand Bhutan Lattice in Angel Blue, £55m from

Life & Eternity in Charcoal, £48m from




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