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Patterned lampshades

With so many styles on offer it is a challenge to find the best lampshades that can really transform a space.  Here I have compiled a collection of my favourites, the most exciting examples being from a growing band of boutique brands and designers using different textiles and inspired designs to create a unique look.

Patterned lampshades have been one of the biggest interior trends over the last few years and are a great way to add pattern or texture to a room.  Materials used can range from paper and parchment, to linen, silk, antique textiles and even rustic fabrics such as hessian.  Many can be made in a range of sizes and shapes to suit anything from a wall-light to large lamp.

Sarah Blomfield (main picture) is an artist who will make bespoke hand painted lampshades to order to match any colour scheme.  With a degree in Fine Art and History of Art she has worked for some of the top names in Interior Design including Colefax and Fowler and Guy Goodfellow.

Bespoke hand painted card lampshades from Sarah Blomfield





Lampshade blockprint green

The art of block printing dates back centuries and with the rise of industrial printing processes it has become a dying art.  Hand carved wooden blocks are dipped in dye before being repeatedly stamped on the fabric to build up the design. This beautiful artisanal look sits beautifully with so many decorating looks.

Traditionally hand pleated French Drum lampshade from Block & Dye – available in Apple Green, Peony Pink or Grey and can be hand made to any size.





Sisters Gemma Scott Knight and Abigail Rutherford put their extensive travels through the Fast East to good use when setting up Ashoka Designs.

This lampshade, made from an vintage silk sari utilises the change in design on the silk to produce a shade that has a variety of pattern without the need for a seam.

By its nature they are all limited edition.

Vintage Silk Sari Dark Pink & Green from Ashoka.





This Greek Blue Stripe lampshade from Rosi de Ruig is full of rich Mediterranean colour. Printed on paper, they are lined with cream card and finished with a cotton trim.  Handmade to order by Rosi in her West London studio, the design was created for her by Joy of Print, a new London based print studio founded by designer Cath Kidston.

Rosi has always been passionate about design, pattern and colour and has created her own collection of paper lampshades and colourful lamps, collaborating with different artists who design, and often handmade, their own papers.
Greek Blue Stripe lampshade from Rosi de Ruig.



Best known for her hand painted decoupage lamp bases, Rosanna Lonsdale also creates a range of stunning ikat lampshades.  Made using silk that has been meticulously handwoven on a loom by thread, that lampshades are then handmade in England onto their bespoke frames that are available to order from 4.5″ to 22″.

Grey silk ikat lampshade from Rosanna Lonsdale.





Melodi Horne love to use bold, interesting colours for their lampshade linings, contrasting them to the outer fabric of the shades.  They believe lampshades do not need to be purely functional and should be a statement piece in any given space, with the power to create a mood, an ambiance and bring a splash of colour.

This range of ‘Notting Hill’ hessian shades was created to introduce a more rustic, shabby chic feel to the collection. Wonderful for a country house or a holiday villa, the outer part is made out of gathered hessian coupled with a choice of their 55 trademark taut linen linings. 

All products are hand made in England 

Notting Hill lampshade from Melodi Horne.


After many years in Antiques and Interior Design, Kate Forman’s textile business uses her experience and knowledge of vintage  textiles.  Starting with a collection of French inspired nineteenth century designs, she has since expanded the range introducing a mix of global/ethnic influenced designs, some of which are made into lampshades.

French Drum lampshade from Kate Forman.






This hand-gathered cotton lampshade from Nushka has a hand embroidered trim to the top and base.  The wonderful cotton fabric is hand woven on a narrow loom and has a beautiful texture and gives a soft warm light.

Cotton gathered lampshade from Nushka.







Sarah Fortescue has used vibrant Indian Saris to be make into bright, beautiful and unique lampshades suitable for both traditional and modern looks.   This turmeric coloured, wide brim, pleated Empire shade with matching piping and silk interlining.

Amla Orange Sari Lampshade  Sarah Fortescue.





Matilda Goad is a London based creative who focuses on producing interesting spaces.  Seeing lampshades as dormant as much as they are in use  she believes they should command attention whatever their status.  The scalloped edges came about as a playful alternative to the straight lines of traditional lampshades and the cream cotton trim contrasts well against the raffia.  Lined in cream cotton to create a diffused light they are also available with black and red trims.

Signature Scallop lampshade in Rafia from Matilda Goad.


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