Best Animal Fabrics

Fanny Shorter Birds & Beasts best animal fabric

Best Animal Fabrics

Fabrics and wallpapers featuring animals are no longer just for the nursery.  Increasingly they are being used to add a relaxed, jaunty feel to kitchens, living rooms and dining rooms.

Often the best come from boutique producers who use their own design and print expertise to produce innovative and quirky designs.  Fanny Shorter, Zoe Glencross, Thornback & Peel and Barneby Gates have some fabulous designs in useable colour palettes.

Andrew Martin has also launched a Kingdom collection, which compliments their Holly Frean collection, an animal inspired collection of textiles produced in collaboration with British artist Holly Frean.

Scroll through the gallery to see all 5.  To see my decorating scheme using Birds and Beasts, click HERE.

Kingdom Paradise, £29.90 from

Birds and Beasts in Pebble, £95m from

Pheasant in Charcoal, £63m from

Bollin Bird in Inky Sky, £46m from

Pigeon and Jelly on Ivory linen, £95m from


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