Farmyard friends

Belynda Sharples wallpaper

Farmyard friends

For those who love countryside themes without being ‘cutesy’, Belynda Sharples collection of wallpapers and fabrics are just the thing.

Printed in the UK, Belynda is both a designer and painter. Initially trained in Interior Design, in the last 15 years she has worked with her husband, Robert Hamlin-Wright in his printing business. The print-work factory is based in Norfolk and prints wallpaper and fabric using traditional printing methods for some of Britain’s most talented designers. Belynda launched her own wallpaper collection 10 years ago and recently presented her first fabric, with new designs soon to be released. Her range of homewares can be found at

Fabric and wallpaper designs are created by Belynda Sharples and produced using traditional printing methods. Belynda is an artist and designer, producing paintings and textiles that derive from a life-time observing and drawing the domestic and every-day. The designs showcased here emerge from her sketches and paintings, which are then arranged instinctively to create compositions which have both rhythm and balance, in a style which is distinctive to Belynda.

The company is run by Belynda and her partner Robert Hamlin-Wright, who work with a small team committed to the production of high end quality products that have been designed and crafted with care.

Belynda’s painting practice and her design work are intrinsically linked; both stem from a fascination for interiors. Cross-overs are apparent in both the paintings and designs; flowers, furniture and domestic scenes appear in all her work – her paintings are often still lives assembled in her rural studio in Norfolk, a light and breezy former Chapel, now both a creative and domestic space where Belynda paints and hosts gatherings for friends. Often drawings that start paintings will become designs for wallpaper, and vice-versa.

“I paint the world around me” says Belynda, “instinctively using colour and brush marks to convey the motifs that I love in a way that is both decorative and joyful.”We produce a collection of wallpapers featuring the British countryside and the everyday surroundings of the artist. They are printed tradtionally, either by flexographic machine or the more labour intensive hand silk-screen method.

“Countryside Toile is an example of a design which emerged directly from observation.  I took a short bike ride one lunchtime from the factory and found myself in a field of cows, with sketch book and camera to hand I recall a moment of summer; away from the noise of the printing factory, with the sun warming my head as I sat down on the dry grass and drew the cows.

The simplicity of the line drawing, the design pattern unembellished by colour,  the cow turning to look inquisitively at the viewer, has become one of my classic designs, which I hope continues to give pleasure.”

This wallpaper is available in four colourways.

Perfect for kitchens, loos and boot rooms

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