Best bedroom wallpapers

Cole & Son Nuvolette bedroom wallpaper

Best bedroom wallpapers


When choosing a bedroom wallpaper it is important to think about how you will furnish the room.  A spare bedroom can be a perfect excuse for a detailed wallpaper with an intricate design.  Perfect for making an impact, you do not need to worry how someone will feel waking up to the same dominant design day upon day.  There is also often not a need for pictures, photo frames and some of the other personal bits we like to include in our bedrooms.  You are free to concentrate on the beauty of the paper as a statement in its own right.

On the other hand, for a bedroom that is used every day, it can be better to go with a simpler design.  This is more likely to envelope the space in the beauty of the wallpaper without dominating.  A repetitive 2 colour paper can also be the perfect back drop for hanging pictures and all sorts of other nic nacs that are precious to us. A great example is the beautiful Fern wallpaper in a range of 4 fresh colours from Molly Mahon (£140 a roll) from PatternSpy.  Alternatively Cole & Sons Nuvolette wallpaper, designed by the Italian artist Piero Fornasetti, creates a wonderfully ethereal atmosphere, ideal for a contemporary scheme or making a statement (£240 for a set of 2 wide width rolls from see main picture).

Another perennial favourite for bedrooms wallpaper, ideal for both contemporary and classic interiors is Peacock wallpaper by Barneby Gates (£87 a roll) from PatternSpy  or the more contemporary Marrakech Palm (£87 a roll), again from PatternSpy.       Both designs are available as wallpapers and fabrics enabling you to co-ordinate the walls with the curtains and blinds for an unbroken look.


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