Bathroom bliss

Bert & May green bathroom tiles

Bathroom bliss

Having left London to set up a reclaimed tile company in Andalusia in 2004, Bert & May founder Lee Thornley discovered a passion for sourcing reclaimed materials and rare antique fittings. He also discovered that this architectural salvage was popular with interior architects and designers and from here, a new project was born.

What began as an online venture selling reclaimed materials took on a new life in 2010 when Lee met Juanma, owner of a small family business that had specialised in making artisan encaustic tiles using traditional handmade techniques. The pair decided that the future of the company lay in making their own vintage-inspired designs, so the family factory reopened and production began. Rebranded and officially launched as Bert & May in September 2013, the company has evolved into a specialist supplier of handmade artisan tiles.

With natural pigments gathered and derived from the ground, the colours used are mineral based and organic, unlike many manufactured colours. This gives a unique chalky finish, the tint of the colour is softer than anything manufactured. The fine lose powder has a semi transparent nature and matt finish. This washed out look is in the DNA of Bert & May and flows throughout the whole Bert & May aesthetic.

Synonymous with their style, the green tile pictured in this bathroom is a traditional, classic pattern that has been given a modern twist through the mute green and white tones used.

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