How to Buy

I don’t sell any anything, I am just trying to give ideas.

If you like something you see, click on the link and ask for a sample.  Small (usually free) samples are fine, but if you are buying a large pattern, you might want to ask for a larger returnable sample. Do always ask for samples, you can’t really get the colour, scale and texture from a screen shot.  Remember that all fabrics have been photographed in different lights so in the scheme they may look tonally different – the only way to really tell is by getting samples and looking at them together yourself.

If you are choosing a paint, get a sample pot and paint some on the wall or a large piece of card. Remember to do 2 or 3 coats, it does make a difference.  Also think about the paint finish you want and ask advice from the retailer if you are not sure.

Remember this site is about inspiration. Play around with different ideas. Mix patterns and texture. Experiment.

If you are working to a budget, consider quantities.  Curtains generally use more fabric than blinds. A really expensive fabric on a blind, a single chair, a footstool or a few cushions can make as much impact for less money than a volumous pair of curtains.  Likewise wallpaper which is a great and usually more cost effective way to add impact and colour to a room.

A general rule of thumb is to play safe on curtains, as you will have them for years. It is easier and cheaper to replace cushions, repaint the walls or repaper if you want to update a look.

Have fun….. and remember

… pattern and colour can transform a space.

… too many different types of pattern can be tricky to get to work unless you are an expert; if you are not sure, one hero pattern will do, or start off safe and layer with different patterns and colour as you feel more confident about the look.

… it’s better to buy modest amounts of a beautiful, good quality fabric for a blind, cushion or small armchair than to buy large amounts of fabric for curtains and sofas that you can just about tolerate.

… the quickest, least expensive way to add pattern and colour to a room is with wallpaper.

… dark colours tend to work better in dark rooms than in pale ones.

… heavy, interlined curtains don’t just look great they also insulate a room from cold and noise and absorb internal sound.

… textured fabric – particularly linen and wool – will add a completely new dimension to curtains and upholstery.

Above all, choose something because you love it.